About Me

Hi my beautiful people. I’m interested in people who are struggling to change their unhealthy habits into better ones, one small step at a time.

This is my blog where I write my thoughts, insights and encouragements. I’m very passionate about health and have come to realize that we can prevent a lot of our illnesses by just changing our diet and lifestyle… but it’s so hard! I know! I still struggle with various things but I refuse to give up. I also have passion for those feeling depressed, hopeless, and like there is no winning if life. Those are lies…there is hope. Come fight with me!

I’m Christian and love God, but also so far from perfect with my Christianity. But don’t let that stop you from finding out awesome information. You might surprise yourself.


Health and Lifestyle Coach, Vegetarian/Vegan in trainers, Registered Nurse, Neil Nedley Depression and Anxiety Seminar Facilitator, Poet, Writer, Educator, Child of God, Traveler, Puppy  & Lamb lover.

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