How not to make a wrong decision

Is there constant anxiety with the choices you make? I always want to do what is right and make the best decision, as do most people. The problem is, that my mind is a universe that  is in constant motion, always talking, always planning, always working.   I imagine the worst so every decision, whether … Continue reading How not to make a wrong decision


3 points- Why Freedom is too much Work.

Freedom Costs Ever hear that saying, "nothing in life is free?" Well it's actually true. When someone offers you something for "free" it just means that someone else had to pay for it. Somebody is going to lose something, while somebody is going to gain something. Let's look at some examples. Healthcare-  taxes, (aka your … Continue reading 3 points- Why Freedom is too much Work.

13 rules to live by

1.Drink Enough Water. I never realized how much water my body lacked until I started making an effort to drink more. When I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning I feel it going straight to my brain, waking me up. It makes for a better day.    2.Say what's on your … Continue reading 13 rules to live by

Do People Really Change?

  But for real...Do people really change? We've all had that person trying to convice us that they've changed. Then we sit there debating with ourselves for a few minutes... Tik tok      Tik tok Save yourself some thinking time. Yes, of course people change. The  factor  the we must however consider is  TIME … Continue reading Do People Really Change?